Sharjah Co-Operative Society, a retailer operating in the United Arab Emirates, has installed Iris ID's IrisAccess iCAM7000 identity authentication system for employee time and attendance at all of its stores.The retailer operates 26 stores with more than 3,000 employees throughout Sharjah, a UAE state, and the capital city of the same name. The outlets offer goods ranging from electronics to groceries. Iris ID systems in each store are connected to the payroll system at company headquarters, providing accurate reports of time worked, overtime and work absences.Sharjah Co-Operative Society previously used a fingerprint time-and-attendance system, but grew dissatisfied with a high false rejection rate. Henna hand tattoos, favored by many female store employees, proved problematic for the system. Iris ID's non-contact solution provides accurate identification using the iris, the colored part of the eye, to authenticate employees. The system automatically accommodates for employees wearing glasses or contact lenses.According to the supplier employees require about a second to check in or out of work daily.Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development, for Iris ID, said the iris-based identity authentication system has brought the stores' employee rejection rate to virtually zero.