IQ Structures, a Czech research and production company focused on optical nanotechnologies, has introduced a solution for the individuation of holograms. This solution for polycarbonate ID cards is applied during the document personalization. "Abusing a removed hologram for the creation of a fake is now impossible at all. However, our self-destructive holograms IQ proID cannot be removed anyway," says Robert Dvorak, the Business Development Director for Security in IQ Structures. "It is more important that writable holograms can protect any data against all kinds of tampering. The attacker would need to get a blank hologram at first."IQ Structures will be exhibiting at STAND S79 of Identity Week, which takes place at ExCeL, London, on 11-13 June. It is critical that the hologram includes strong visual features that are virtually impossible to imitate. IQ structures clients can thus benefit from advanced hologram origination centre. This centre has realised intensive development, invented new technical principles and mathematic simulation tools and combined different technologies, which altogether result in unique visual abilities. IQ Structures´ origination centre´s products triumphed in „Excellence in Holography Awards 2018" recently, winning two categories.Tampering is one of the most frequent attacks against authentication documents. The criminals get a genuine ID card, change data and enable an unauthorised person to use it. Sophisticated criminals can even replace a chip with biometric information.IQ Structures´ solution is entirely ready. It was applied to a demonstration ID card prepared together with security printing software vendor JURA. Other advanced features such as integration of holographic protection with security printing are showcased on this card.