IQ Structures, a Czech research and production organisation, introduced a solution for protection against attacks on back sides of polycarbonate ID cards. It reacts to Interpol´s finding that there is a growing number of such attacks."Governments, cards manufacturers and integrators can benefit from the flexibility of our technology. If we see a growing number of any kind of attacks, we can react almost immediately, " says Robert Dvorak, the business development manager for Security in IQ Structures. "Besides many primitive attempts, sophisticated criminals, often supported by rich organisations, are also active. They usually bypass protection elements on cover and attack from behind. They hollow out the card and change data."IQ Structures´ solution adds a hologram on the back side of the ID card or polycarbonate page in the passport. This hologram protects the entire card (full face) and cannot be removed because it consists of thousands of tiny pieces. Any manipulation attempts result in irreversible disintegration of a hologram.It is critical that holograms include specific visual effects tailored for this purpose, and that imitation of such holograms is extremely difficult. IQ Structures operates a mastering centre focused on computer-generated holograms. This centre combines several technologies, including laser, e-beam and nano printing, uses in-house developed mathematics algorithms and develops unique visual effects. It triumphed at last year Excellence in Holography award, winning two prizes.Protection against counterfeiting and tampering has been enhanced in the last few years, mainly as a result of the introduction of polycarbonate. Some attackers have been virtually eliminated, but others advanced to more sophisticated attacked. The trends are summarized in papers, such as Techniques in Detecting Forgery in Identity Documents. IQ proID is a leading holographic solution for anti-counterfeit protection of polycarbonate cards. Its high level of securing is based on full integration of hologram into the card without any heterogenous adhesive. During lamination, melted polycarbonate flows through a hologram divided into small pieces. High brightness of holograms for at least ten years is also among key benefits of IQ proID.