Ipsidy, a provider of secure, mobile biometric identity solutions, including Identity as a Service (IDaaS), today announced an expansion of Ipsidy's IDaaS services to include AuthentifID, delivering passwordless login tied to a trusted identity.The reuse of the same passwords by users across multiple systems and other weak authentication practices are leading causes of security breaches. Since passwords do not verify the authenticity of a user's claimed identity, hackers often use compromised passwords as a gateway into enterprise systems.To counter potential identity and financial fraud, FIDO2 enables easy and secure logins to websites and applications via on-device PINS or biometrics. FIDO2, quickly becoming the de facto standard for authentication, offers users an easier, quicker, and much more secure login experience. Indeed, with strong cryptographic security, FIDO2 authentication is far superior to passwords in protecting networks and their users from all forms of password theft, phishing, and replay attacks.Yet with all that added security, many passwordless solutions cannot deliver user certainty, since they do not verify the identity of the true account owner during device registration. AuthentifID solves this critical problem by incorporating Proof, the Ipsidy mobile biometric identity verification service that scans an identity document and automatically matches the selfie to the document photo. The combined solution, developed in partnership with LoginID, offers a powerful, market-leading solution to establish a digital chain of trust between biometrically verified individuals, their accounts, and their devices."We are excited to partner with Ipsidy to offer developers a low-lift integration solution that seamlessly incorporates Ipsidy's trusted biometric identity verification during the end-user registration process, before our FIDO2 or UAF biometric authentication is added to a user's profile" said Simon Law, CEO of LoginID. "The combined solution enhances enterprise security, and provides end-users with the most secure, frictionless identity verification and authentication experience on the market.""Ipsidy is committed to ensuring our clients know the identity of their users with biometric certainty," said Phillip Kumnick, Chairman & CEO of Ipsidy Inc. "AuthentifID offers significant advantages over other passwordless solutions. Binding a biometric identity under control of the enterprise with FIDO2 strong authentication, creates a high assurance solution that is delivered easily to any customer platform, with the highest level of speed, accuracy and trust."