Ipsidy, a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management, and electronic transaction processing services, today announced the launch of Proof by Ipsidy, a mobile identity proofing solution that uses government-issued credentials combined with real-time biometrics.The firm said security breaches and transaction fraud continue to make waves in our physical and digital worlds, despite our best technological and legislative strides to combat them. Millions of businesses and consumers are impacted each year, yet our demand for convenience increases and consumers want it both ways. We expect 24/7 access to information, accounts, and systems, near and far. Businesses and organizations are challenged by the delicate balancing act required to provide personalized, convenient services, data collection, and compliance. Proof by Ipsidy provides remote mobile biometric identity verification and transaction authentication for all types of high-integrity business interactions with 'know your customer' (KYC) requirements. Think major financial transactions, application, enrollment and account opening processes, new customer, remote employee and student on-boarding, sale of age-restricted product, building access verification and more. Traditionally, significant transactions like these require an official ID check and are in-person events or involve burdensome processes– the opposite of what we've come to expect in terms of convenience.Proof by Ipsidy provides the certainty required by Ipsidy clients and allows them to initiate a simple, two-step identity check from anywhere in the world that's completed in minutes by using Ipsidy's convenient mobile app. Datapro, a developer of advanced software systems for financial institutions located in Miami, FL, will be the first to deploy Proof into their digital onboarding solution to allow their financial services clients to securely and seamlessly confirm customers' identities. Datapro is an Ipsidy partner that services more than 160 customers in 31 countries, ranging from the agencies of foreign banks to banks in Central and South America and the Caribbean, ultimately servicing millions of customers. "We are seeing an escalating demand from our financial services clients for a secure, digital customer onboarding solution," said Javier Montero, CTO of Datapro. "Ipsidy's innovative digital identity authentication solutions provided us with a unique value proposition. In 2018, Verified by Ipsidy allowed us to offer our clients a more secure and seamless customer account logon and funds management process that replaces passwords with enhanced biometric identity authentication. Now by extending our partnership with Ipsidy to include Proof, we can provide a digital customer onboarding solution that ultimately provides an extra level of security and trust."Using the camera on any Apple or Android smart phone, Proof scans a government ID to extract critical information and using NFC capability reads and validates meaningful data that's stored inherently in government-issued ePassports and eIDs to provide an official identity check. The authenticity of the data in an ePassport or eID is validated from the digital signature and passports can be confirmed as originating from the government that issued them. Proof by Ipsidy can use all ePassports, eIDs (utilizing the ICAO 9303 standard), as well as many Driver's Licenses and other types of National Identity Cards issued by governments from around the world.Once an ID is scanned and validated, Proof captures a live selfie that is matched against the facial image stored within ePassport or eID chips or printed on other types of government issued IDs. If all factors are confirmed, a positive proof result is provided to the requesting party. Requesting parties can receive all data extracted from the credential, facial images (live and stored), an image of the ID (if used), a biometric match score, and a record of active end-user consent to the entire process.