Biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services firm Ipsidy and Safetrade Africa, a tech development company specialising in payment processing have announced their agreement to offer Ipsidy's suite of biometric identity and authentication solutions to South Africa, African countries south of the equator, as well as the Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.The firms said that in a world of increasing digital and mobile transactions that is accompanied by widespread data theft and fraud, traditional customer identification and authentication methods are no longer adequate. Ipsidy's identity transaction platform leverages the convenience of lower-cost mobile applications to help customers authenticate the identity of the person on the other side of everyday transactions. Our platform facilitates a range of such transactions, including payments and physical or digital access, embedded with the participant's authenticated identity.The joint offering will initially comprise Verified, and Access, Ipsidy's out-of-the-box, mobile, biometric identity solutions.Verified leverages the Ipsidy Identity portal to seamlessly authenticate a user's identity (be they a customer, or employee) from the convenience of their own smartphone. Access helps protect any perimeter and create a safe environment by monitoring the enrolled identities of people moving in, out, and around any defined area. “We are excited to partner with Ipsidy to resell the company's suite of biometric identity solutions and thereby becoming an early leader in the African market to offer this technology,” said Carrie Dickie of Safetrade Africa. “Identity and cyber security are major issues for our clients and for the financial services, payments, e-commerce wallet, healthcare, contact centre and cryptocurrency exchange industries we serve. Our clients seek innovative solutions that offer enhanced security and protection against fraud. We believe that Ipsidy's solutions will provide our clients with the highest level of identity and transaction authentication.” Jonathan Ellis, Managing Director Ipsidy EMEA said “Ipsidy is pleased to partner with Safetrade to resell our services in the Sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean market. Together we will offer solutions that provide the highest level of security, control and certainty for everyday transactions.”