iProov today announces its partnership with Australian identity verification specialists ​IDV Pacific​. The announcement sees iProov expand its growing partner network and extend its services into Australia and New Zealand.IDV Pacific provides identity document validation to governments and enterprises in a range of industries, recognizing over 4,600 different international ID credentials, including passports, driver's licenses, visas and national ID cards.The integration of iProov facial biometric technology enables IDV Pacific customers to confirm that the individual using a passport or driver's license to verify their identity online is the same person whose photograph appears in the identity document.An effortless facial biometric scan, completed using a mobile device or computer, uses a brief controlled illumination to provide Genuine Presence Assurance of the user. As well as matching the physical face to the photo id, the facial biometric also confirms that the individual is a real person, rather than a photograph or mask, and that they are authenticating at this moment in time. This protects against the use of deepfakes or other sophisticated video replay attacks to spoof the system.The partnership will enable organizations to complete highly secure identity checks for a range of processes, including conveyancing, fraud protection, Know Your Customer/anti-money laundering procedures, and compliance with labor licensing laws.