Biometric technology provider, iProov has joined a network of multiple countries testing a cross-European payments system for the EU digital ID wallet.

The EU digital wallet is said to be a strong market contender to deliver a unified, interoperable digital identity system, which will allow citizens to securely save their identity documents and personal information in one app.

One strategy that the European Commission has implemented in building a multi-disciplined EU digital wallet has been to work with varied  technology providers to integrate not only citizens’ identity documents and driving licences but medical records and bank cards. Through the DIGITAL-programme, the EU Commission called for pilots across different functions of the app.

Six countries are members of the Consortium, founded by NOBID, including Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia and Norway. The payments pilot will be built upon a foundation of existing payments infrastructures, allowing users to do account-to-account and instant transfers.

Founder and CEO of iProov, who presented at Identity Week Europe in June, commented: “iProov is delighted to have contributed as a core team member in this consortium, which comprises so many distinguished digital identity experts”.

“We are committed to its vision for an inclusive and secure way to help citizens make payments. The success of the EU Digital Identity Wallet will depend largely on citizen adoption and usage. iProov provides simple and secure remote enrollment and authentication, which will be crucial to this goal”.

iProov’s flagship products deliver Genuine Presence Assurance which is defined by authenticating user access requests in real time, combining biometric technology and coloured illumination. Meet them in-person at Identity Week America where they will be exhibiting as a Platinum Sponsor: