A leak that has been described as the biggest in Apple's history confirms long-held speculation that the next iPhone will focus on 3D face recognition for biometric authentication.Developer Guilherme Rambo over the weekend discovered the preferences panel and set-up process for Apple's Face ID, the name of Apple's rumored facial-scanning feature in the iPhone X.Leaks showing the settings and preference screen for Face ID, where you can choose to use Face ID for iPhone Unlock, iTunes and App Store, and Safari Autofill.Once you tap “Enroll Face,” iOS will ask you to gently move your head around in various directions and as you do a piece of the user interface will respond by filling in a circle surrounding your face. Once the scan is complete, your face will be enrolled in Apple's new biometric security software and will be able to unlock the iPhone X, authenticate the purchase of apps, and more. The Face ID discovery all but confirms that Apple will indeed be offering a face scanner in the iPhone X. The discovery comes after months of speculation that Apple was ditching the physical home button in the iPhone X, leaving no room for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple thus needed to replace it with a face scanner to still allow for secure access to the iPhone and other features.Beyond that, the iPhone X should come with a revamped design, featuring a screen that nearly entirely covers its face and an all-glass enclosure bolstered by a stainless steel chassis. The iPhone X is also expected to offer wireless charging and could cost upwards of $1,000 when it's released this fall.