Canada-based biometric access firm Invixium has launched a range of touchscreen fingerprint reader access devices in India.Called IXM MERGE, the range features Corning Gorilla Glass, 2.0 inch LCD screen, fingerprints sensors and card reader options.The sensor uses Active Thermal sensing technology which some say can eliminates errors prone to optical sensors.”We unveiled our newest masterpiece IXM MERGE at the most extravagant Product Launch event the biometric industry has ever seen. Our invitees were absolutely mesmerized,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium.The launch event featured a keynote by Shiraz Kapadia, cutting edge 3-D mapping video and panel discussion with industry leaders like Richard Agostinelli, CEO at Crossmatch Technologies and Ravi Ahluwalia, Deputy General Manager at Hitachi Europe, reported India Info Online.