Intel has revealed a new facial recognition solution for so-called smart homes of the future called True Key.Showcased as part of a model “smart home”, the tool recognises people arriving at doors and allows access without the need for physical keys.True Key is a holistic biometric security solution launched by the chip-making giant which can also be used to manage passwords on computers and smartphones.Other features of the smart home included the ability to control the home's functions from a single tablet app.The door can be unlocked (even remotely) for visitors, while with a few taps, homeowners can change the colour of their lights, turn them on or off, or dim them.In March, Intel revealed a tie-up with with Deutsche Telekom that will see the German carrier bring Intel'sTrue Key to the European market.”We know that using multiple factors including biometrics is a hot topic as a solution to the password problem in Europe but Intel Security's True Key application goes even further, ” said Marc Sommer, senior vice president, Group Business Development at Deutsche Telekom, at the time.