An initial count of Filipino voters who have missed a deadline to submit biometric details for voter registration has reached 400,000.The country's Commission on Elections (Comelec) had put a 31 October deadline in place ahead of general elections scheduled for next May.The sizeable number of potentially disenfranchised voters comes despite efforts by Comelec to install extra registration booths in shopping malls and other locations.When a person arrived to apply for registration, the enrollment process saw facial, fingerprint and signature biometric data taken using COMELEC's Voter Registration Machine (VRM).In late October, , Comelec Education and Information Department assistant director Rey Doma warned that there were 3 million voters without biometrics.However, this is sizeable fall from the 8 million early this year.In a 22-page petition launched last month, one group had asked the High Court to compel the poll body to extend the voter registration to Jan 8, 2016. However, the request was rejected.