Integrated Biometrics has announced the latest product in its line of low-power LES-based (“Light Emitting Sensor) fingerprint scanners. Danno is the world's smallest FAP-30, FBI-certified device. Danno makes its global debut at the ID4Africa Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, which begins June 18.At only 7mm thick and weighing less than 25 grams (<1 ounce), Danno is built around Integrated Biometrics' patented LES film, making it impervious to the same environmental and operational factors that is ending the era of glass prism-based scanners. Danno's extremely low power consumption, compact size and light weight make it the ideal solution to the growing global demand for biometric fingerprint identification."Mobile fingerprint scanners with low power consumption eliminate the need for constant recharging, as well as for having to carry or change batteries in the field. Danno is exactly what the market has been clamoring for," said Stephen Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics. "Mobility is the future of biometric identification, and our LES film is unmatched in facilitating high-productivity, low-power mobility at competitive cost.""Our integrator partners are already designing Danno into innovative mobile solutions for various applications," said David Gerulski, EVP, Integrated Biometrics. "They've experienced the benefits of integrating our LES-based sensors - durability, low maintenance, low cost, ease of use. Adding 'lowest power consumption' to that has cemented Danno as the most compelling choice."