Fingerprint sensor firm Integrated Biometrics has launched the FIVE-0 scanner, describing it as a breakthrough in mobile fingerprint enrollment and verification due to its size and technology.In a statement, IB noted that the FIVE-0 is the first FBI-Certified, AFIS compatible 10-finger scanner that is both pocket-sized and which can be power provided by a smartphone.The company enviions that, due to its rugged design, that law enforcement, military, intelligence, border control, and social service agencies will use FIVE-0 when a mobile 10-finger enrollment and verification device is the only practical solution.For example, immigration status can be verified where individuals are stopped, rather than forcing agents to transport people to a government facility. Potential criminals and terrorists can be identified faster, helping ensure the safety of agents and the general population.”Device mobility is a top priority for law enforcement, border control, and humanitarian assistance. A small and light form factor is the key for delivering that portability, plus low power consumption, durability, environmental tolerance, data security and FAP50 conformance,” said Daniel Bachenheimer, a member of the Biometrics Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group (BVAEG) of the London-based Biometrics Institute. “Devices like Integrated Biometrics' Five-O free officers from desks and field offices, enabling them to process individuals at point of first contact without large jump kits. Instant identification and flat capture on the go saves tremendous amounts of time.”The firm said FIVE-0 also supports national identity programs and mobile identity initiatives directed by the United Nations, the World Bank and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Many individuals in both industrialized and developing countries lack essential social services, such as voting rights, health care, and government pensions, because enrollment requires expensive travel across hundreds of miles or because they live in cities without robust government infrastructure. FIVE-0 enables providers to enroll people where they live, dramatically broadening outreach and minimizing disruption to daily activities.FIVE-0 incorporates Integrated Biometrics' patented light emitting sensor (LES) technology to achieve its small size and high degree of reliability. LES scanners use an electroluminescent polymer to generate fingerprint images. This film layer is laminated directly to a thin film transistor (TFT) camera.The company said the result is a slim and lightweight optical 10-finger scanner that meets the resolution and performance standards mandated for FBI-certified scans — in a package far smaller than backlit prism-based designs.”There's a reason other vendors haven't been able to provide the compact form factor and high reliability for 10-finger scanning that we've delivered with FIVE-0,” said Steve Thies, Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Biometrics. “It's not possible to build a small, energy-efficient 10-print scanner with glass platens, secondary light sources, and prisms. FIVE-0 uses our patented technology and superior design to overcome the limitations of prism-based scanners. That's how we've been able to deliver a truly mobile scanning solution.”