As the digital landscape evolves, the ever-growing threats of deep fakes and synthetic identity fraud demand innovative solutions. Innovatrics, a global leader in biometric technology, is proud to introduce its Video Injection Attack Detection technology, a pivotal advancement in the ongoing battle against identity fraud.

According to an ID Analytics study, synthetic identity fraud constitutes a staggering 80-85% of all identity fraud, with the volume of incidents surging by 132% in 2022. Furthermore, the incidence of deepfake fraud in North America more than doubled from 2022 to Q1 2023. These alarming statistics underscore the urgent need for robust measures to protect individuals and organizations from these fraudulent activities.

“In response to this growing threat, Innovatrics’ Video Injection Attack Detection is an essential feature of our remote identity verification solution. Our state-of-the-art technology stack employs biometric face verification, comparing a user’s selfie with their ID portrait, while simultaneously ensuring liveness detection to confirm the user’s presence during the process,” explains Daniel Ferak, Innovatrics Business Unit Director. “Recognizing the rising use of video injection spoof attacks by fraudsters, Innovatrics’ advanced algorithms can now secure the camera used during identity verification, preventing video injection spoofs and man-in-the-middle attacks, “ he adds.

The client-side capture component of the Video Injection Attack Detection system not only acquires video frames but also captures crucial camera details, encrypting the data for server-side evaluation. With the capability to differentiate genuine physical cameras from fraudulent video injections, integrators, service providers and end users can enhance security during remote identity verification processes.

Innovatrics will be showcasing its Video Injection Attack Detection at the upcoming Identity Week America 2023, set to take place on October 3-4 in Washington D.C. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the Innovatrics team at booth no. 526 and take part in their engaging presentation tackling deepfakes prevention.