California has developed a digital version of their physical driving licence for residents.

The driving licence, downloadable to Google or Android devices, also couples as a common ID credential for verification at selected Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airports in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

California’s Department of Motor Vehicle has designed the only compatible wallet for mDLS belonging to Californian drivers.

Users can upload a scan image of their ID card or driving licence to convert into a digital credential in the wallet.

The CA DMV Wallet app will serve 1.5 million people in the state while coinciding with physical IDs that businesses, law authorities and government agencies have not yet adopted.

The digital licence will not be compatible with other big tech company wallets from Google and Apple. After focusing on payments streams, Google and Apple have entered into the reusable digital ID space, integrating ID credentials and payment applications into wallets to enhance the user experience and reduce fraud.

Adoption of the Google wallet has swept Maryland, Colorado and Georgia all setting a target to fulfil the national rollout of digital driving licences across the U.S.

Information on how to upload your physical driving licence to the department’s wallet can be found here:

Image source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images