Customers of Alaska Airlines can submit an image of their passport for authorisation ahead of their departure date with the pre-travel Mobile Verify program.

Queue times will be cut significantly with the customer having control over uploading and verifying their travel documents from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need most of the time to physically present their documents at all at the airport.

As a mandatory requirement for all travellers leaving or entering the United States, passports must be carried on the individual as they embark on their travel journey and verified by their airline. This is despite airlines and international air hubs favouring digital technologies and biometrics.

The option to verify essential documents prior to the travel day offers customers huge benefits to enjoying more seamless and stress-free journeys. The airline, in this instance  Alaska Airlines, has the flight and identity information relating to the passenger to facilitate identification procedures within the airport terminal at automated border touchpoints, such as matching passengers in-person to pre-held passport photographs in their database.

“Eventually, guests will be able to flow through every airport touchpoint without having to take out identification documents, simply by controlling their digital identity on their smart phone”, the airline commented.

The Mobile Verify platform is powered by Airside, an Onfido company, and is just the latest digital ID tool to build this vision where everyone has access to self-services that enable them to reach the lobby in 5 minutes.

“We’re investing in technology that takes processes traditionally only available at an airport and makes them possible from your smartphone. This new Mobile Verify technology creates a seamless airport experience for guests traveling internationally – eliminating the uncertainty that comes with having to wait in airport lines.”

One Time Set-up:

  1. download the Airside Digital Identity mobile app on an iOS or Android device.
  2. take a selfie of your face.
  3. scan your passport photo page.
  4. hold your phone against the inside of the passport’s back cover to read the embedded chip.