We were delighted to interview Ivy Fung recently, President of Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA), whose perspective, to be shared at Identity Week Asia 2023, is focused on advocating and driving equal opportunity between the genders to pursue STEM careers and study.

The emergence of blockchain and newer technologies require collaboration from the whole industry and joined-up policy-making to advance innovation and minimise gender inequalities.

Historically and still true to say of technology careers today, fewer women fill high-level, technical roles than their male counterparts. The male statistics dwarf women’s participation across many technical industries. This should signal why conferences and gatherings of the entire identity industry – with every solution and main player – are so important to amounting change.

Women In Blockchain Asia is a non-profit that support and represents women academics, scientists and technologists and identity experts for equal participation in their technical careers, working in blockchain or other technology fields.

We asked Ivy:

  1. How does Women In Blockchain Asia participate within the industry, at Identity Week Asia?
  2. How is a collaborative industry approach going to impact changes to blockchain standards and wider frameworks for enabling technology, innovation and diversity?
  3. Why is it easier to manage digital identities and vulnerabilities using blockchain, through its decentralised identity management system?
  4. Where does the APAC region stand compared to Europe and the Americas in blockchain innovation and inclusive engineering/ diversity within STEM?
  5. What does the future of security and identity look like leveraging blockchain to secure transactions, whether it be payments, heath records, career credentials etc..?

Come to Identity Week Asia on 7-8 November in Singapore – the third year of hosting outstanding speakers and organisations that have a large role to play in identity development in the APAC region.