Slovakian biometrics firm Innovatrics has announced that the latest version of its fingerprint matching algorithm has set a new matching speed record of 1.04 billion matches per second (on one server only).This firm said that this smashes the previous record of 720 million matches per second – which was also held by Innovatrics.The testing was carried out using an Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 processor on Intel's newest Skylake architecture. More information about the testing can be found hereJan Lunter, Innovatrics founder and CTO commented: “We are very pleased to be the first biometrics company to achieve more than 1 billion matches per second with our fingerprint algorithm. Well-deserved credit goes to our R&D team who has put a lot of work into ensuring that the Innovatrics algorithm remains the fastest, most accurate, and most interoperable on the market. Furthermore, this significant improvement in performance levels will result in even more cost savings for our large AFIS customers.””This landmark achievement is the latest in a long series of Innovatrics technological breakthroughs, underlining our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for identity management projects,” added Lunter.