India's Home Ministry has rejected plans to collect the biometrics of all tourists on arrival, saying that these raised security concerns.The Ministry of Tourism had made the request initially, saying that the solution would prevent tourist from being discourage to visit due to new requirements to give biometrics at the visa application stage.India started biometric collection of fingerprints and facial data for visa applicants at 14 Indian diplomatic posts across the world in July 2013 as part of the secondary phase of the Immigration Visa and Foreigners Registration and Tracking (IVFRT) project.While the project initially focused on smaller missions like Mozambique, the Czech Republic, Mauritius and Uzbekistan, in April last year it was extended to include countries such as Malaysia and the Netherlands.Taking biometrics on entry “does not make any sense”, a senior official told The Indian Express.”We would not get enough time to check the antecedents and it would be difficult sending them back from here if anomalies are found,” he said.So far IVFRT has been introduced in over 50 countries, but India plans to extend it to all its 178 missions.Countries that are eligible to apply for a tourist visa on arrival in India include Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg and New Zealand.