The India Stack – a digital public infrastructure which combines a real-time unified Payments Interface – has transformed the lives of Indian citizens and led other countries to sign up for its digital public goods.

It stands on a pedestal because it unlocks economic infrastructure such as identification, data and payments, built on open APIs and digital public goods.

One of the foundational identity platforms that India Stack is built upon is the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), specifically engineered for countries that lack the home resources and funding to create their own national identity initiative. Open-source architecture integrating real-time payments infrastructure, a COVID vaccination platform and Health Stack proves its interoperability with integrations that meet the demand of the future.

Over a decade, the rollout has enabled government and the private sector to build verification capabilities and digital apps to allow safe transactions, payments and identity validation, with the most common digital biometric identity in India, known as Aadhaar, credited with enabling these services.

DPI is classed as an requirement for economies trying to lift out of extreme poverty by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which describes DPI as a “digital network that enables countries to safely and efficiently deliver economic opportunities and social services to all residents”.