ImageWare Systems, a leader in mobile and cloud-based identity proofing and biometric authentication solutions, announced today a partnership with Laxton Group, a global provider of election, identity, and self-service solutions, to supply Law Enforcement agencies worldwide with a complete in-the-field biometric identity solution.The partnership will enable Laxton, now an ImageWare Systems approved reseller, to combine ImageWare's software with the Chameleon, a range of rugged, mobile field devices, able to capture and analyze multiple biometrics. ImageWare will supply GoVerifyID, QuickCapture, and QuickID to provide fully mobile booking stations for the officer in the field. The Chameleon allows Law Enforcement officers to quickly capture an individual's fingerprint (flat, rolled, and ten-print), SMT (scars, marks, and tattoos), face, and iris biometrics and compare them to the central database for identification.The integration of ImageWare's Law Enforcement software solutions, with the Chameleon hardware, allows officers to conduct suspect identification in the field, as opposed to escorting the individual to a police station. Moreover, the solution will help reduce the time required for criminal bookings, investigation, and any other biometric capture requirements, such as police clearance certificates.”For decades, ImageWare has been a pioneer in providing worldwide Law Enforcement agencies with the latest, most advanced solutions in the market,” said Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems' Chairman and CEO. “Besides having a strong new agency reseller in Asia-Pacific, we are proud to offer, alongside Laxton, a complete hardware and software solution for the modern police force.”Peter Harrington, Laxton's APAC SVP of Strategic Alliances & Sales, reiterates that, “By combining ImageWare's Digital Identify Platform and SaaS with Laxton's best-in-class Chameleon product range, we offer a unique solution to Law Enforcement and Military agencies. Officers in the field can now process information, react to incidents, and solve problems faster with an end-to-end information system that is live and up-to-date, whether it is mobile booking, investigations, or crime scene management. We see ImageWare as one of our important strategic partners to help us deliver front line operational solutions to grow our revenue streams in Police and Military agencies.”