ImageWare, a leader in biometric identification and authentication, and Four Points Technology, a partner/reseller, was awarded a three-year, $2.7 million contract by The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) under Four Points Technology’s NASA SEWP V contract for support of its Personal Identification Verification card program.

The contract is for software and support services that are required to deliver biometrically-enabled credentials to the PIV smart cards. It covers a total of one base year with two, one-year option periods to provide biometric leasing support and enhanced security for contractors, employees, and agency facilities.

“We are pleased to play a vital role in the largest implementation of biometric smart cards, with over 1,089,000 installations, inside the federal government,” said Company CEO Kristin Taylor. “Imageware’s track record of consistently winning awards with the VA in this decade-plus relationship showcases our reliability and the effectiveness of our biometric identification systems. Large commercial enterprises and government agencies like the VA need an identity management solution that provides flexible capabilities to meet ever-changing business security requirements, and ImageWare provides just that in our open-architected and patented Biometric Engine. We appreciate the strong rapport we’ve received from the VA and look forward to continue providing dependable biometrics support and security solutions over the coming years.”

Jason Goldberg, VP, Sales at Four Points Technology added: “We are committed to working with the VA to meet their critical identity management and security mandates, of which the Imageware solution is an integral piece. This contract is a new instance but is an ongoing partnership between Four Points, Imageware and the VA for the past several years.”