Norwegian biometrics firm IDEX has revealed a new large area sensor that is suited to use on biometric cards.Based on IDEX's off-chip technology, the bendable sensor leverages the company's advanced ASIC for usability in biometric card applications. IDEX expects to begin sampling its large area sensor to customers in the first half of 2018.”Unlike smartphones, sensor solutions for biometric card applications must work within very tight power, processing and memory constraints and also do not have a screen to give simple user feedback during the enrolment process. These unique challenges for cards mean there is a real need for larger sensors to get enrolment to be really fast and accurate,” said Stan Swearingen, CPO of IDEX.”We are very excited about this new large area sensor which we have designed for both contact and contactless biometric card applications because we are seeing very strong market demand for the design from payment, ID and access control customers. This new sensor expands IDEX's product offering significantly, and delivers a more secure and user-friendly biometric card that reduces the time for customers to enrol,” said Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX.This new IDEX large area sensor has an active area of 13x13mm, which complies with the current ISO requirements for the physical characteristics of a biometric system-on-card. The sensor uses IDEX's advanced ASIC, which enables a unique combination of enhanced processing performance and exceptional power efficiency.