IDEX Biometrics ASA announces collaboration with payment software provider Verisoft A.S. for commercialization of biometric payment solutions in EMEA and globally. Verisoft delivers end-to-end smart card issuance solutions, ranging from personalization software, digital payment solutions, card management and loyalty systems across 32 markets, and has delivered EMV solutions to more than 100 banks, working with leading card vendors such as AustriaCard, G+D, IDEMIA, Kona I and TAG Systems.

Catharina Eklof, CCO of IDEX Biometrics, says, “IDEX collaboration with Verisoft will bring biometric card solutions to market for issuers and personalization bureaus at optimized costs and will broaden our positioning in the ecosystem. We are excited to partner with Verisoft to deliver a holistic and agile approach to biometric solution standards, securing seamless customer payment experiences.’

Onur Alver, CEO of Verisoft states, “Our collaboration with IDEX Biometrics will provide banks and other card issuers access to the next level of secure payment cards, as we expect adoption to accelerate as of 2022. We are delighted to partner with IDEX Biometrics in offering the highest performing fingerprint authentication solutions for smart cards”.