IDEX Biometrics ASA today announced that Dongwoon Anatech ., a global leader in analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, has selected IDEX Biometrics as its biometric sensor partner for its expanding initiative in secure access control and digital identity solutions. Dongwoon Anatech has placed additional orders for TrustedBio® sensors to support a range of card-based access control products with fingerprint authentication.

Kim Dong Cheol, Chief Executive Officer of Dongwoon Anatech, commented, “We are pursuing innovative applications for card-based biometric authentication, which we believe is a very promising market. Due to the unique and personal nature of fingerprints, they are an ideal biometric for providing robust authentication, while delivering a seamless experience for consumers and enterprises. We are very excited about our collaboration with IDEX Biometrics, which offers industry-leading technology and systems support to reduce our time to market.”