The organisers of Identity Week Asia have revealed that the full programme is now online and available for download.The major industry event features major industry keynotes and senior government speakers from Singapore, Australia, Estonia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam and many more.It will explore how next-generation identity solutions are transforming travel, payments, policing, healthcare, voting, sustainable development and countless citizen services.The event also explains how identity solutions can be rolled out effectively and responsibly, and how fraud can be countered in both the physical digital domains.In addition, financial leaders will be present from Visa, Mastercard, Bank of Ireland and Australian Payments Network. Plus, global agencies and groups such as: ICAO, IATA, United Nations, World Bank, SIA, BI, ISO, FIDO, Kantara, World Privacy Forum and many moreThe event is taking place from 8-9 September in Singapore.For the full programme, click here.