Biometric identity management solutions firm Identazone has announced the latest versions of its IdentaMaster and IdentaMaster Pro biometric security applications.The solution controls identity management and access control to MS Windows PC accounts, encryption of files and data on local PCs, in the cloud, or in shared PC spaces and encryption of entire volumes (flash drives and both internal and external HDD devices)”IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro offers a unique blend of technical innovation, design sophistication and performance exceptionalism that cannot be found anywhere else in the security marketplace,” said IdentaZone CEO Michael Milgramm.IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro allows the user to choose a biometric scanner fingerprint, finger vein, palm, iris, voice, etc. that suits their needs, or to use different technologies or devices as needed. Information can even be encrypted using one type of technology and then decrypted using another. “This innovation substantially elevates application security for PC access and data encryption. It also expands the context of biometric security from a simple identity/access management tool, into a comprehensive and integrated data security platform with compatibility across a wide range of biometric security technologies, devices and applications”, said the firm”The accelerating frequency and expanding consequences of crippling hacks, data breaches and security failures are driving organizations and individuals to look for effective solutions,” said Mr. Milgramm. “IdentaZone is at the forefront of transforming data security with biometrics. Our development team began with user input as a tool to understand what organizations really needed from biometric security, and we've used that input to engineer IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro in ways that are highly relevant to how users want an effective security solution to perform.”