IDEMIA today announced the next generation of Oklahoma's Mobile ID in partnership with the Department of Public Safety. Available now for download, the updated Oklahoma Mobile ID app will include new features and use cases to benefit residents throughout the state.Mobile ID is a digitized version of a physical driver license that allows citizens to control their identity via an app on their smartphone. The technology will transform the way citizens display their identity, with unprecedented security and privacy controls that allows the individual to determine who they share personal information with, and what information they share.The latest version of the Mobile ID app will feature REAL ID pre-enrollment, allowing residents the opportunity to jumpstart the process from the comfort of home. Mobile ID users can use the app's checklist to confirm they have the correct documents, then upload them using their smartphone camera, and finally, answering a brief questionnaire. By completing these steps in advance, applicants can expect to decrease their transaction time during their in-person visit by up to 40%."There is no better time to bring the residents of Oklahoma a contactless, secure identification option that can facilitate the move to REAL ID and more online services," said Matt Thompson, SVP, Civil and Mobile ID of IDEMIA. "This technology has the power to shape the future of our experience at the DPS and other government agencies, and Oklahoma is paving the way to the next generation of state-issued identity credentials."Mobile ID, which will soon be available in other states, allows residents to control their identity like never before with quick, secure access to their ID. Mobile ID combines security and convenience for a state-of-the-art personal identity solution.