As more and more places are restricting (or outright banning) the use of facial recognition systems, the need for a facial comparison is not diminishing. But what do you do if your agency doesn’t have anyone trained to do the comparison or if you need an expert on a difficult case? To answer this need, the Ideal Innovations, Inc. (I3) Face Center of Excellence (FaCE) is now offering On Demand comparison services exclusively for civilian and military law enforcement and intelligence communities.

“We see the need in the law enforcement and intelligence communities for having access to a group of experts who are trained in the discipline to conduct the facial comparisons. We’ve been leaders in the facial identification discipline for years and want to help the discipline continue to grow,” said Bob Kocher, I3 President and CEO.

FaCE On Demand provides access to I3’s internationally recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to conduct facial comparisons for agencies that do not have trained staff in facial comparisons, that do not have adequate staffing to support verifications or adjudications of facial comparisons, or that need assistance from an expert on a difficult case. The SMEs will conduct the comparison utilizing the analysis, comparison, evaluation, and verification (ACE-V) and the morphological analysis methodologies, which are the standards in the discipline. Users can choose from a yearly, monthly, or per transaction subscription. Subscribers can also choose from an investigative lead or forensic level comparison. Each report with have results of the comparison and the expert opinion clearly stated.

Whether you need an investigative lead or a forensic level comparison, I3 is ready to serve you On Demand!