The 2022 annual impact report by sister initiatives, Identification for Development (ID4D) and Digitising Government to Person Payments (G2Px), spotlights the development of digital identification systems for payment infrastructure to empower communities.

The initiatives continue to overlap with their activities to help countries build ‘digital public infrastructure’, identification, payment, and data exchange. The report compounds a statistic by the World Bank that 850 million people around the world are still without any form of identification with modern society. Throughout 2022, ID4D led tailored support work to develop interoperable ecosystem models for identification and civil registration across 57 countries.

38 countries received technical assistance to install or improve digital G2P payments.

ID4D has developed tools to assess the digital ID gaps of different countries with diagnostics of the individual identification landscape, legal frameworks, and qualitative research on vulnerable groups.

In areas such as women’s economic empowerment, the research shows greater use of digital identities among women can boost their financial autonomy, especially in South Africa countries.

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