The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) has published its “Principles for Biometric Data Security and Privacy”, saying they are are intended to be useful guidelines to biometric system developers and users of the technologies.The organisation said their purpose are to assure the public that their sensitive biometric information will be handled transparently and respectfully to help rebuild trust and allay concerns about the collection and use of this personal information.”We have been conditioned by an endless series of breaches by government, banks, and virtually everyone else to neither trust nor have comfort in the stewards of our information. A May 2019 consumer survey by F-Secure found that 71% “feel that they will become a victim of cybercrime or identity theft” and that 51% of consumers have had a family member “affected by some form of cybercrime.””This new environment has given rise to calls, on a scale not previously seen, to protect the security and privacy of our personal data. Sometimes, even calls to not collect it at all, ignoring the benefits of the new systems that enable the collection of data”.The full set of principles can be downloaded here.