Ibanera, a licensed global fintech company dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and electronic payments, today announced a partnership with iSun GlobalPass, a scalable, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) advanced ID verification tool with market-leading scanning and search algorithms. iSun GlobalPass is a unique platform for advanced document analysis, biometric data scanning and PEP checks as well as credit card analysis and screening from a wide range of databases. Ibanera confirms identity document validity by cross-checking multiple layers such as personal data and various document features such as passport photo, chip, barcode, ghost image and MRZ code.In the modern banking era, access to effective compliance software tools is essential for organizations to mitigate financial crime risk. This new partnership allows Ibanera to distribute the state-of-the-art GlobalPass solution to financial institutions and expand the company's cross-border banking services."During these times when business is often conducted remotely, strengthening compliance programs is more important than ever," said Bjorn Snorrason, General Manager of Ibanera. "We chose to partner with GlobalPass as it has proven to be the most robust and effective KYC and AML tool with worldwide coverage."Ibanera offers a suite of financial services including account issuance, cross-border transfers and currency exchange services.