HID Global hsa said it is driving biometrics adoption throughout Latin America, and especially in Mexico, ahead of the October 2018 deadline set by the country's National Banking and Security Commission (CNBV) to deploy fingerprint identification technology across financial institutions.”Banks, government services agencies and commercial entities in Latin America have embraced our biometrics solutions over the past decade because of their speed, accuracy, reliability and fraud-fighting capabilities,” said Greg Sarrail, Vice President of Global Sales, Extended Access Technologies, Biometrics with HID Global. “Now we are helping to extend these benefits across Mexico's banking infrastructure as part of a major initiative to curb identity theft.”HID Global's Lumidigm biometrics sensors with multispectral imaging technology are currently used in Latin America's retail banks, financial institutions and government agencies to create a more convenient customer experience while increasing the security of ATM and other transactions.More than 115,000 multispectral fingerprint sensors are deployed in Brazil to protect billions of ATM transactions per year, with nearly 80 percent of the nation's ATMs used by over 85 million banking customers.Financial institutions in Chile and Argentina have embraced HID's technology to secure pension payments for over one million elderly citizens.HID's multispectral fingerprint devices have helped eliminate fraud in Mexico's national vaccination program and other healthcare initiatives that provide millions of underprivileged citizens with subsidies for medicine and medical care.The company's biometrics sensors are also used extensively in commercial applications in Mexico, including verifying identity for more than 70,000 members of a large fitness club franchise. Now, the same technology is poised to improve banking security and convenience in Mexico as the CNVB gets closer to the October 2018 deadline for financial institutions to verify their customers' identity using fingerprint biometrics when creating accounts, applying for loans and conducting other transactions.