Police in Guam are making a number of arrests since a Automated Fingerprint Database was installed.The use of the Automated Fingerprint Database system has helped GPD to identify suspects in several cases, reported the Pacific News Center this week, and apparently only a lack of resources is stopping more.The newspaper speculates that a recent rise in arrests attributed to the fingerprint system raises the question, why weren't the fingerprints run immediately following the commission of the crimes?GPD Spokesperson AJ Balajadia told the paper, “it requires two certified techs to run the system.”He further stated that GPD deals with over 20,000 cases a year and the head of Criminal Investigative Division is having his detectives work on some of the older cases before the statute of limitations run out. He adds that they are clearing cases and making arrests daily.The good news is that arrests are being made, as a matter of fact the fingerprint data base system has resulted in the arrests of seven individuals this week alone.