Correctional technology firm GTL has added Voice IQ Search to its list of solutions.In a press release, GTL noted that Voice IQ Search joins GTL's suite of biometric applications collectively known as Voice IQ, which serve as key security features within the company's Inmate Telephone System (ITS).Voice IQ Search enables investigators to query for any calls where an inmate's voice is heard whether the call was initiated by that inmate or if the inmate entered the conversation after the call was already in progress. In addition, through the course of normal call searching, investigators can see calls suspected to contain multiple inmate voices and display the names and IDs of the suspected voiceprints found within the call.”Voice IQ has served as a great tool for facilities wanting to end inmate PIN theft or gather actionable intelligence for investigators,” said Eric Gonzalez, GTL Executive Director, Inmate Telephones and Intelligence Tools. “Adding Voice IQ Search allows investigators to quickly find the calls with suspicious activity, making them more effective and far more efficient.”By way of a real life example, Voice IQ Search was recently used in the case of an inmate who exchanged commissary goods for phone calls. Although initial voice biometric was required to place the call, the inmate encouraged others to start calls and then pass him the handset. The inmate mistakenly thought this would “hide” his conversations since they were taking place under another inmate's PIN and initial voiceprint. However, the new Voice IQ Search tool allowed investigators to search all calls where the subject inmate's voiceprint had been detected, not just calls started under his PIN and voiceprint. As a result, investigators were able to easily identify dialogue from the inmate that contained incriminating information.”GTL handles over 275 million inmate telephone calls annually, totaling over 3.3 billion call minutes, and Voice IQ can scan for a specific voice print through every single inmate call recorded on GTL's system, regardless of facility,” concluded Gonzalez.