Korean biometric mobile security firm Raonsecure has entered a formal strategic alliance with Infinitium, an online electronic payments and authentication solutions provider.The firms said the partnership will combine Raonsecure's domain expertise in the field of biometric authentication with Infinitium's electronic payment offerings in Asian markets.Lee Soon-hyung, Chief Executive Officer of Raonsecure, said in his speech, “As the leading provider of FIDO-based biometric solution in Korea, we are pleased that this alliance has forged important collaboration of best practices that enables Raonsecure to expand our regional market reach. The purpose of FIDO-based biometric authentication is to increase the level of security for both the relying organization as well as the end-user, with an added benefit of providing consumers with greater convenience and user experience.”Ho Ching Wee, Chief Executive Officer of Infinitium, said: “Our collaboration will allow us to improve technology solutions such as Infinitium's two-factor authentication product with Raonsecure's biometric platform to enhance security and protect the financial information and identity of consumers. By adding a third authentication factor of “who you are”, this will arm financial institutions and users with the ability to utilise biometrics in multi-factor authentication for faster and more secure identity verification process. This is expected to propel the adoption of biometrics within the regional markets, and further deepen Infinitium's already established market footprint of more than 40 banks and over 180 million cardholder base within Asia.”The partnership will offer a range of different services to clients, the first of which will be launched as early as the first quarter of 2018. For the first initiative, Infinitium will adopt Raonsecure's biometric authentication platform to enhance Infinitium's two-factor authentication (2FA) products and extend its strong authentication capabilities.