Ghana's Social Security and National Insurance Trust, SSNIT has begun the process to replace existing biometric cards with the National Identity Cards by the National Identification Authority, reports local media.A biometric card that has been issued for welfare will be phased out gradually when the National Identification Authority completes its registration process which is expected to capture both citizens and non-citizens living in the country.The changes are part of an initiative to synchronize the country's identity system, notes a report by Modern Ghana.The project when successful will capture details of pension contributors as well as beneficiaries onto the National Identity Card to be used as proof of citizenship.According to SSNIT, persons who are registered and issued with the National ID Card will not be given an SSNIT card when they become contributors.Speaking to JoyBusiness, Director General of SSNIT, Dr John Ofori Tenkorang indicated that management has decided to stop issuing the card in order to help with the synchronization process."This is actually something that has been well thought out and about taking off. We have stopped issuing biometric card as part of the process but we will gradually phase it out," he said.