Secure identity solutions firm GET Group North has announced the availability of its new GET CIV card, a Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) smart card compliant with the US government's FIPS201-2 specifications for identity credentials.GET CIV is a secure corporate ID which combines physical and digital identification, enabling a high degree of trust in both logical and physical access systems within the issuing organization's PKI and policies.GET Group NA will be showcasing GET CIV in booth 311 at connect:ID 2017 taking place May 1-3, 2017 in Washington, D.C.The GET CIV credential card can be rapidly issued and leverages compliance with FIPS201-2 and Personal Identity Verification (PIV). It also allows reuse of existing tools such as authentication and digital signing solutions and eliminates the challenges and costs of organizations defining and deploying their own credential capability. The workflow and card layout can be fully customized to meet the issuing organization's requirements and both small and large implementation models can be supported based on organizational capabilities.Enrollment and biometric capture workstations can be implemented to issue CIV cards quickly. GET Group North America offers a biometric live capture solution through a partnership with Speed Identity. The solution features live enrollment capabilities so that all captured biometric data is collected at one time, ensuring data is securely tied to the applicant. This reduces the enrollment time to just a few minutes; secures the process from application input to immediate ID document production output; and allows biometric data to be in compliance with the highest standards and regulations."GET Group NA is proud to continue to grow our portfolio of solutions which make identity management simpler and more secure," said Alex Kambanis, Managing Director for GET Group NA. "Connect:ID 2017 will provide the perfect opportunity to showcase the advantages of the GET CIV card and demonstrate how our other products like the biometric live capture solution and our personalization equipment can work in conjunction to provide the highest degree of identity assurance."