Gemalto has announced a new platinum partnership with the Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin (UTCID) to further efforts in research and education on identity management, privacy and security. Gemalto and UTCID are working together on research, education, and commercialisation of technology to improve security, identity and privacy. As part of this partnership, Gemalto and UTCID will focus on the following research topics to provide new options for industry players:· Biometrics to identify and authenticate people in everyday use cases· Transforming the airport and travel experience with trusted identities· Benefits and application of digital driver's licenses on a mobile phone· Securing identity in mobile banking and online commerce."The Center for Identity's focus on security and privacy aligns perfectly with our company's vision of helping people trust one another in an increasingly digital world," says Paul Beverly, Government Business Americas, Gemalto. "As board member, I hope to contribute Gemalto's experience to their efforts and make this world more secure and convenient with innovative new technologies."Suzanne Barber, director of Center for Identity? says: "Our partnership with Gemalto provides the expertise our students and faculty need to continually enhance our research efforts. We look forward to learning from each other and collaborating to bring a heightened level of education."