The UK's Gatwick Airport has confirmed plans to become the first British airport to permanently use facial recognition technology.Gatwick Airport confirmed that following a self-boarding trial last year, facial-recognition will be used on a permanent basis for ID checks before passengers are allowed to board. According to a Gatwick Airport spokesperson, “More than 90% of those interviewed said they found the technology extremely easy to use and the trial demonstrated faster boarding of the aircraft for the airline and a significant reduction in queue time for passengers.”Gatwick [is now planning] a second trial in the next six months and then rolling out auto-boarding technology on 8 departure gates in the North Terminal when it opens a new extension to its Pier 6 departure facility in 2022.”Passengers will still need to pass through the bag-check security zone, at which point they will need to present a boarding pass as well as scan their passport at the departure gate so the system can match the photo inside to their actual face.