The Future of Privacy Forum today released an in-depth analysis of the Washington Privacy Act (Washington State Senate Bill 6281), as well as the following statement by Future of Privacy Forum CEO Jules Polonetsky about the bill:”The Washington Privacy Act is the most comprehensive state privacy legislation proposed to date. The bill addresses concerns raised last year and proposes strong consumer protections that go beyond the California Consumer Privacy Act. It includes provisions on data minimization, purpose limitations, privacy risk assessments, anti-discrimination requirements, and limits on automated profiling that other state laws do not.”According to the FPF analysis, the Act would be a holistic, GDPR-like comprehensive law that: (1) provides protections for residents of Washington State; (2) grants individuals core rights to access, correct, delete, and port data; (3) creates rights to opt out of sale, profiling, and targeted advertising; (4) imposes obligations to perform risk assessments; (5) requires opt-in consent for the processing of sensitive data; and (6) creates collection and use limitations. In addition, the Act contains provisions for controllers and processors utilizing facial recognition services.