Fujitsu has said it is entering an agreement with ImageWare Systems to resell key security capabilities including enterprise mobile biometric user authentication as a service.In a statement, the Japanese tech firm said the agreement will see Fujitsu not only extend its biometric identity and access management solutions to mobile devices but also to additional authentication methods including fingerprint, face, and voice recognition. Fujitsu customers will now be able to deploy biometric authentication as a service running on the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.Fujitsu's current biometric identity and access management solutions, including PalmSecure, its flagship palm vein authentication solution, already leverage ImageWare System's Biometric Engine as their back end identity storage and matching database. The same technology is now available as a service, and is hosted on the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5. Now Fujitsu customers can easily and quickly upgrade any of their security processes to include highly secure biometric authentication by deploying the ImageWare Systems GoVerifyID family of products.Thomas Bengs, Director and Head of Biometrics at Fujitsu in EMEIA, says: “For enterprises today, protecting data and implementing access control is more important than ever. Through this agreement with ImageWare Systems, our customers gain access to an enhanced portfolio of biometric security solutions that reduce the barriers to deploying highly secure biometric authentication. Businesses will also benefit from more choice than ever, both in terms of the technologies they deploy and the ability to offer authentication via mobile devices. Delivering biometric authentication as a service opens up many new use cases and reduces the complexity usually associated with security measures.”Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems, adds: “Biometrics are not only the most secure form of authentication, but are also the easiest to use – as each user is his or her own password. By taking advantage of our powerful biometrics solutions delivered via Fujitsu's cloud-based security as a service, many more businesses can easily enhance their security. The potential applications are plentiful: Enterprises can add features such as mobile security for application logins or manage access to controlled areas, while retailers can use biometrics to help prevent fraud or to manage loyalty programs. There are also many potential applications in the financial industry where confirming identity in online, mobile or ATM banking is crucial. Finally, in healthcare, biometrics authentication easily confirms patient identity, accelerating check-in for example during visits to the doctor.”