IT security company Verisec announces that they, faster than planned, have developed a solution that simplifies for organizations to log in to Microsoft's cloud services, such as Office 365 and Azure, with Freja eID. This is to meet the great demand that has arisen for safe distance work in the current situation of widespread corona disease.In January this year, Verisec signed an agreement with Microsoft aimed at joint business development regarding Freja eID and Microsoft's services. Facilitating integration with Office 365 and Azure was one of the projects included in the plan. This has now been implemented faster than planned to meet the rapidly growing demand for secure identification when both employees and students must now be able to work remotely.Freja eID is available at three different levels of trust, including a LOA3 level with a governmental quality mark. Integration with Microsoft works on all levels. In the first stage, the new function will be offered to customers in Sweden, but from a technical perspective there is nothing that will prevent this function from being offered internationally.Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:"Freja eID is Sweden's only mobile e-ID approved for the govermental quality mark Svensk e-legitimation. We are thus the only mobile e-ID that meets the regulatory requirements for many public enterprises. But this also means that we have a responsibility to help so that municipalities, authorities, schools and others can continue to operate despite the consequences of the current situation with widespread corona disease."