Sweden's governmentally quality-marked Freja eID + becomes a new identification method for logging into the AFA Försäkring R&D portal that researchers use to apply for funding.AFA Försäkring is one of Sweden's leading funders of research in the work environment and the results of the research are translated into practical benefits in the workplace. Annually, AFA Försäkring invests SEK 150 million on research to reduce work injuries and long-term sick leave in the private and public sectors.With Freja eID+, Sweden's only mobile e-ID that has been reviewed and approved by DIGG for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation, the security is amplified when logging in to the R&D portal.Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:"Regardless of whether Freja eID+ is used in a broad sense or in narrow services, it shows that the interest in a governmentally quality-marked e-ID at trust level 3 is widespread among many kinds of digital procedures."