Swedish biometric firm Fingerprint Cards has revealed that it expects revenues to more than double next year to between 6.5 and 8.5 billion Swedish crowns ($768 mln-$1.00 bln).The firm expects account for a market share of around 45 percent of the total addressable fingerprint sensor market for 2015, with a heavy focus on smartphones.FPC estimates that the penetration of fingerprint sensors in smartphones will continue to increase to somewhat exceeding 50% for the full year 2016. Previously the estimation was around 50% for the full year 2016. For the full year 2015 the penetration is estimated to be somewhat higher than 30%. Previously the estimation was around 30%.Commentators said that the projections may meet challenges:”Fingerprint Cards will start 2016 in a very strong position and is likely correct in their prediction of continuing strong market share,” Jamie Fox at analyst firm IHS, told Reuters. “However it is always going to be challenging for any company to defend such a high market share in the longer term in an emerging market with so many competitors.”