Body-worn cameras and in-car video solutions for law enforcement firm COBAN Technologies has announced that it is partnering with Digital Barriers to provide live facial recognition and live video streaming technology for the FOCUS H1 police dash cam system.In a statement, the firm said Digital Barriers SmartVis live facial recognition technology has been proven against large watch lists in real-world environments.”The SmartVis live facial recognition application on FOCUS H1 will provide this same real-time facial recognition within the car, without having to stream images back to a central location for processing. SmartVis live facial recognition can also work via body worn cameras and standard CCTV video surveillance cameras”.The firms added that the EdgeVis Live video streaming technology from Digital Barriers that will be made available on the FOCUS H1 has been deployed successfully by law enforcement agencies in more than fifty countries around the world in other form factors and now will be available as an application on the FOCUS H1. Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers said, “This is the first time that our EdgeVis live video streaming and SmartVis facial recognition solutions are being integrated into widely deployed, standard platforms that are sold into law enforcement. We expect to follow this approach by working with many other platforms of this nature so that our cutting edge technology can be available across the regions that we work in. Our intention is to widely target the first responder and broader security markets in particular. For this incredibly high quality video streaming and facial recognition technology to be made available in this way is truly game changing.””By working with Digital Barriers, COBAN is leveraging the most advanced and proven real-time video streaming and edge analytics applications for facial recognition available today,” said David Kirsch of COBAN Technologies. “COBAN is pleased to be able to include these industry-leading capabilities with the FOCUS H1 to amplify officer awareness and increase public safety. The combination provides law enforcement with critical capabilities in police vehicles that leverages the intelligence in the mobile video platform for greater affordability. It also does it without the need for mass data collection or a reliance on constrained mobile data networks. We are very excited that Digital Barriers is a part of the COBAN FOCUS Partner Program.”Both applications will take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercomputer module embedded in the FOCUS H1.