Clinical research solutions firm Celerion has implemented biometric tech to ensure the identities of people undertaking the trials it organises.The company has deployed Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) biometric fingerprint technology to prevent dual enrollment in clinical trials.In a statement, Celerion noted that it is the first early-stage contract research organization (CRO) to partner with VCT.Over the last five years, Celerion performed nearly 50,000 verifications utilizing the VCT global clinical database registry to identify participants that are currently enrolled in other clinical studies.Most recently, Celerion implemented VCT's biometric fingerprint technology to augment the accuracy and speed of the verifications performed at our facilities. The use of biometrics adds another layer of protection to ensure dual enrollment in clinical trials does not occur.”Our focus has always been to help our clients get their drugs to market and protect the safety and well-being of our participants. The VCT database registry enhances our ability to achieve both of those objectives,” said Phil Bach, Vice President, Global Clinical Research, Celerion. “Celerion and VCT share the same vision of applying scientific expertise and advanced technology to ensure the safety of our participants and maintain data integrity leading to successful clinical trial outcomes.””Following Celerion's lead, the majority of Phase I units across North America now utilize the VCT system every day to protect their clinical trials. VCT offers the most comprehensive and unique clinical research subject database registry to enhance the quality of both early and late stage studies globally. The system provides a level of safety to the clinical trial process that could not be attained without a solution like VCT,” said Mitchell Efros, MD FACS, CEO at VCT.”By joining forces five years ago, Celerion and VCT led the way in providing a solution that maximizes detection of attempted duplicate enrollment and protocol violations. This combined effort raised awareness and utilization across all phases of clinical research highlighting the need for a research subject database in the clinical trials industry. Working with Celerion's team over the past five years has been a pleasure,” added Kerri Weingard, COO at VCT.