Tag That Photo has announced the official launch of its new photo organisation solution for consumers.”We are incredibly excited to offer Tag That Photo to consumers. From the outset, we designed Tag That Photo with user privacy as a priority,” said Tag That Photo Managing Director Troy Cheeseman. “As a Windows desktop solution, Tag That Photo keeps everything local on your computer by default. Photo organization enthusiasts and family archivists appreciate that they can organize their images off-line and define where their images are stored, whether it's locally or in the cloud.”Users will also appreciate the accuracy and speed delivered by the technology behind Tag That Photos' face recognition engine. Developed and refined over the past 10+ years by Applied Recognition, it's used by a wide range of organizations to biometrically-enable their critical digital processes.Says Don Waugh, Co-CEO/CFO for Applied Recognition, “We're delighted that Tag That Photo has chosen Applied Recognition's technology to power its face recognition features. Tag That Photo users will enjoy a suite of photo organization tools for face detection, tagging and organization with an unprecedented user experience.Photo management without compromising control, a commitment to provide enterprise-grade face recognition technology and accuracy for consumers – this is Tag That Photo's commitment to its customers.