FEITIAN Technologies US Inc, a developer of strong two-factor and advanced multi-factor authentication and self-powered and battery-less multipurpose smart card, announced today the launch of two advanced technology cards for the Enterprise Business and Payments industries.Security is ensured by the biometric verification of the card user. The "all-in-one" Fingerprint Power Card combines multiple security technologies, in a single card, including authentication (FIDO, FIDO2, PKI, OTP), physical access, identification, payment, and access to applications or data.The fingerprint data is enrolled by the card via a desktop or mobile application and stored cryptographically within the Secure Element of the card, making it the perfect combination of portability, functionality, and security for payment and access control. The unit can function without batteries. It runs/connects via RFID or NFC which means it is only "running" when it is being used with a card reader. So, it can't be randomly scanned to have its data stolen."Our Fingerprint Power Card is an all-in-one biometric card that combines technologies that allow for security, convenience, and cost-savings," said FEITIAN Technologies Vice President and General Manager of International Business Tibi Zhang. "Because the fingerprint data is always stored cryptographically and locally on your device and isn't sent anywhere else or held by any other party, it makes our all-in-one Power Card the perfect combination of portability and security for access control, identification, and payment solutions."A typical use case would be an enterprise business that requires identification, a card for physical access, and authentication to access data and applications. In many cases a business will use multiple form factors to accomplish these tasks. The FEITIAN Power Card has the ability to combine all of these technologies into one card. The fingerprint biometric on the Power Card increases overall security. These features save the issuer time and money while delivering superior security. Card users benefit by having to use only one card."We have been partners with FEITIAN working on their biometric product portfolio for a long time and see a bright future for the passwordless and connected world of FIDO2 authentication," says Thomas Rex, Fingerprint's SVP Business Line Smartcards and Embedded. Thomas continues, "The built-in fingerprint sensor will quickly verify fingerprints and automatically unlock devices, with a simple touch allowing easy access to an account or physical environment."